Pelle Holmberg


211108 Check out the spotify link on the bio page for the latest releases with Pelle featured on guitar!

210617 Pelle is featured on the Swedish Rig Show, check it out!

210609 There´s a few gigs this summer. You are welcome to come and dig with us!
210619 Fusion Night at Viva Lund
210702 Jimi Hendrix Tribute at Viva Lund
210703 Christoffer and The Dudes at Vinbäcken
210709 PHG Live at Viva Lund
210717 Jimi Hendrix Tribute at Vinbäcken
210805 Sveriges Cultband at Bindeslev Denmark
210818 Gospel Sjöbo

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New video: PHG feat Oz Noy - Nifty Mutt

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